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Investment News and Research / Blanchard Economic Research Unit

Monthly Gold Price vs. Monthly Silver Price

For intermediate to long term investors, it is often more useful to look at monthly price average charts for precious metals to get a full understanding of the importance behind market trends. Any investment can have periods where daily price fluctuations skew the usefulness of long term charts, but by using monthly averages it becomes easier for the average investor to see trends and compare those on a historical basis to past price activity.


Silver is still significantly below long term, monthly average highs experienced in the late 1970s to mid 1980s. The silver market has continued to enjoy significant price appreciation over the past three years and we expect this trend to continue over the next decade.


The gold market has been experiencing it’s longest, sustained levels of price appreciation in decades as evidenced by the comparison between the last five years and the entire 25 years represented by the chart. While the price moves from the late 1970s to early 1980s allowed investors to experience incredible returns on investment, the current market trends have shown a price that has been much more supported for a long term move upwards that we believe will continue for the next several years.

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Chairman and CEO

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Vice President

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