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Investing in Gold: New Investors

Gold and Precious Metals Monthly Accumulation Programs

Blanchard’s Precious Metals Monthly Accumulation Program – An Easy Way to Join the Bull Market in Tangible Assets.

You decide how much and how often you want to invest each month in gold or platinum!

“Many investors understand and appreciate the role of precious metals in portfolio diversification, but would like to have a simple, cost effective way to acquire and hold their metals. Blanchard and Company, Inc. offers a bullion investment program which is the first of its kind in the United States.”

— Donald W. Doyle, Jr., Chairman/CEO

Accumulate Gold and Precious Metals Each Month – In the Amount You Specify

There are investors who think that it is necessary to invest in Gold or Platinum at the “right” time. They are under the impression that the only way to invest is to buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, in order to do this, an investor would need a substantial amount of money to invest for the transaction to be profitable—and have remarkable skill (or luck) in selecting the most opportune moment for buying and selling gold and precious metals. With a growing need for diversification and an emerging bull market in tangible assets, the question is how to make it easy for all investors to participate.

Blanchard’s Precious Metals Accumulation Program is suitable for virtually all investors.

Once enrolled in the monthly accumulation program, the investor specifies an amount of money that is electronically transferred from his/her bank account every month for the purchase of Gold or Platinum or both. This insures that investors need not worry about entering the market all at once. Moreover, for investors who are just starting out, the minimum monthly investment is only $75.00.

Beginning in January 1999, if you had invested $100 a month every month in gold until December 2004, with Blanchard’s Accumulation program you would have realized a 61 percent return on your investment.*

Buy Gold the Affordable Way and Invest in Your Future

Whether the investor is a college student looking to the future, a single parent wanting to diversify their savings, a mature investor seeking significant diversification opportunities, or a retiree who would like to put a little “something” aside for the grandchildren, Blanchard’s Gold and Precious Metals Monthly Accumulation Program is tailored to fit the needs of all investors.

  • Automated Convenience—an amount of money the investor specifies is electronically transferred from his/her bank account once a month for the purchase of Gold or Platinum or both.
  • Periodic Investment Transfers— are debited from the designated account at least once a month, but no more than four times a month.
  • Affordability—the minimum debited investment is $75.00, but there is no maximum limit on the amount to be invested.

    Fees are based on monthly contribution:
    $75 to $99 3.9%
    $100 to $799 2.5%
    $800 to $3,999 2.0%
    $4,000 and greater 1.0%
  • Flexibility—the precious metals can be stored at Blanchard and Company, Inc. for a minimal fee of $2 per month…or they can be shipped to the investor in whole ounces for a minimal shipping charge.
  • One Ounce Gold and Platinum American Eagles— are the metals of choice for the program.
  • Nominal Fees—the Accumulation Program has a one-time start up fee of $15.00, and a minimal commission fee.

* During this time period, the $6,000 investment in Gold American Eagle coins, less commission and storage fees, returned $9,693.17

Start Investing Today

Opening a Blanchard Monthly Accumulation Account is easy. Click here for an account application. After completion, return it to us by mail for processing.

1oz Eagle
1oz Buffalo
1oz Maple
1oz Krugerrand
British Sovereign
1oz Gold Bar
Apr 01, 2015 04:14PM CST.
Not for trading purposes.

American Buffalo Gold American Eagle Maple Leaf Krugerrand

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