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Investing in Gold: New Investors

Gold IRA and 401k Gold Investing: Gold Investment Overview

You can add gold to your IRA portfolio simply and easily.

Blanchard and Company, Inc. makes it easy to add gold to your IRA.

Call today at 1-800-880-4653 to get started!

Adding gold to your IRA may sound complex, but we can guide you through the steps necessary. Then you can start enjoying the benefits of IRA investments that include your personal ownership of gold bullion.

You can do it in three easy steps:

  1. Add gold to your current IRA or let us guide you in creating a new one.

    You’ll need to have the right kind of IRA, since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designated certain types of IRAs as appropriate for holding gold bullion and other precious metals. These “self-directed” IRAs allow you to have more control over your investment choices and are easy to establish and administer.

  2. Instruct your IRA to buy gold bullion or other precious metals from Blanchard and Company, Inc.

    Once you’ve selected an existing IRA or established a new one in which you would like gold bullion to be deposited, your Blanchard and Company, Inc. account executive will help you determine what to buy and how much. You’ll then complete a form authorizing your IRA custodian to buy the gold bullion or other precious metals to deposit in your account.

  3. Deposit your gold bullion with an IRS-approved custodian.

    The IRS requires that gold bullion owned by an IRA or SEP be held by a custodian bank. Blanchard and Company, Inc. frequently works with the GoldStar Trust Company, which can provide the custodial services needed to establish your new IRA and manage the resources within it. Blanchard and Company, Inc. can help establish this relationship for you or will assist you in working with any other IRS-approved custodial institution.

Three simple steps and you’re on your way to enjoying the tax benefits of an IRA, combined with the security of owning gold bullion.

Blanchard and Company, Inc. makes it easy for you. Call 1-800-880-4653 today to get started!