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Gold Market News & Analysis

Even though gold fell 2% on the week after five straight weeks of gains, the yellow metal has finished January 2014 up about 3.5% for its first monthly rise in five. Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group called the correction in gold when other analysts were expecting the metal to blow through $2,000. Now his metals research firm is calling the bottom in gold -- and declaring that now is a good time to establish or bolster positions for long-term gains. Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
Gold investors might remember that the debt-ceiling standoff in 2011 led to an unprecedented downgrade of the U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor's, which in turn damaged the dollar and sent gold to all-time nominal highs above $1,920. Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
MarketWatch commodities writer Myra P. Saefong offered a gold-bullish analysis of the emerging-market currency and credit crisis in a Jan. 31 article titled "Emerging-markets turmoil set to buoy gold, sink oil." Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
Jan. 31 marks the start of the Lunar New Year holiday in China and much of Asia. The strong gold-buying tradition attached to the holiday has helped give bullion prices a boost this year. Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
With currency and credit crises erupting in the BRICS nations and other emerging markets, the world is facing new uncertainties just as the Federal Reserve starts tapering its massive bond-buying stimulus program. Some analysts, in fact, say these crises are the direct result of investors pulling out so-called "hot money" created by the Fed from emerging economies, thus sending those economies into a tailspin. Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
With gold showing surprising strength in the first month of 2014, some investment pros are predicting a reversal of fortune for the precious metal this year. With turmoil in the emerging markets, uncertainty from the Federal Reserve's tapering, and volatility in the stock market, this year looks a whole lot better for gold than 2013: Read more… ]
January 31, 2014
Every few weeks or months, a Chinese central banker or policy adviser makes a pronouncement about gold's strategic role in the communist nation's long-term agenda, or urges the increasing internationalization of the Chinese currency. These pronouncements often mirror what China is already doing both overtly and covertly -- whether quietly amassing gold and turning Shanghai into a major bullion-trading hub, or cutting currency-sharing deals with nations from Russia to Zimbabwe -- the latter nation just announcing that it will accept the Chinese yuan and three other Asian currencies as legal tender. Read more… ]
January 30, 2014
Gold is going higher. That's the forecast of two different investing pros: cycles expert Charles Nenner of Nenner Research and geologist Lawrence Roulston of Resource Opportunities. Both gave recent interviews with fairly bullish outlooks. Read more… ]
January 30, 2014
Just last week Bloomberg reported that sales by Japan's top gold retailer had surged 63% to a five-year high. Why? Read more… ]
January 30, 2014
Gold up, stocks down. That familiar theme repeated itself Wednesday even as the Federal Reserve met for the last time with Ben Bernanke as chair and announced the tapering of its monthly bond-buying stimulus program by another $10 billion. Read more… ]
January 29, 2014
Last year about one dozen rare coins reached a prestigious pinnacle by selling for $1 million or more each: 11 at auction, and another in a private sale, according to the Professional Numismatists Guild. Read more… ]
January 29, 2014
2014 was supposed to be the year that the U.S. stock market rolled endlessly higher while gold faded away as the Federal Reserve tapered its massive bond-buying stimulus program known as quantitative easing, or QE. But somebody at the Fed apparently forgot about the QE-dependent emerging-market economies like Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, and Russia, to name a few. Read more… ]
January 29, 2014
Don't count billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer as a fan of Bitcoin, the digital alternative currency that has made waves for its spectacular price rises (and falls) as well as its use at the controversial drug-trafficking site Silk Road. Read more… ]
January 29, 2014
Reuters market analyst Clyde Russell has come out with skeptical take on gold's strong 2014 performance so far. "Gold's positive start to the year seems to be based more on hope than any real change to the factors that saw the precious metal shed 28% last year," he wrote. "The optimistic view for gold is that top buyer China will continue to buy record amounts. ... At best, gold demand in China will hold up, but it's unlikely that it will accelerate by much this year." Read more… ]
January 29, 2014
Gold fell for a second day Tuesday as an unexpectedly huge rate increase in Turkey eased some fears over the emerging-market currency crisis. Investors also took profits ahead of Wednesday's policy statement from the Federal Reserve, which is expected to announce a new round of stimulus tapering at Chairman Ben Bernanke's farewell meeting. Read more… ]
January 28, 2014
With the recent eruption of currency crises in nations such as Argentina and Turkey, some gold investors see the yellow metal gaining on renewed safe-haven bids, particularly if the overseas turmoil infects the U.S. stock market. Read more… ]
January 28, 2014
After finishing 2013 down about 28%, gold is up about 5% in the new year. Some investors are still gun shy about the yellow metal, but as the following experts point out, gold has seen bigger corrections and come back stronger than before. Read more… ]
January 28, 2014
Large-scale gold purchases by central banks has been a key driver of bullion prices in the past few years by taking significant quantities off the market. Though the pace of buying has perhaps slackened in recent months, the multiple currency crises erupting across the globe in locales such as Turkey and Argentina could make gold an even more sought-after safe-haven asset. Read more… ]
January 28, 2014
Capital controls, currency devaluations, and wealth confiscation are some of the last refuges of bankrupt nations and institutions, as evidenced by the Cyprus bail-ins and pension seizures by Poland last year. And just this week, fears of bank runs have erupted as HSBC limited cash withdrawals by its customers and Lloyds-owned ATMs went down. All this amid Argentina's currency devaluation and other turbulence in emerging markets. Read more… ]
January 28, 2014
"Sales by the U.S. Mint are set for the best month since April," Bloomberg reported on sale figures of the brand-new 2014 gold American Eagle bullion coinsRead more… ]
January 27, 2014
China's 2013 gold imports from Hong Kong more than doubled from the previous year to reach a record of more than 1,000 tonnes, rising from 557 tonnes to more than 1,158. Read more… ]
January 27, 2014
"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation," future Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan wrote in the 1960s. The currency devaluation that occurs via inflation has always been a quiet theft --by silently eroding the purchasing power of currency -- and a standard tool of central banks and bankrupt sovereign nations. Now, though, wealth confiscation is becoming more brazen. Read more… ]
January 27, 2014
In another bullish theme for gold prices in early 2014, India's top economic official is sounding slightly more open to easing the huge gold-buying nation's trade restrictions on the yellow metal than he was last week in Davos, Switzerland. Read more… ]
January 27, 2014
The Federal Reserve is convening Tuesday and Wednesday for its first meeting of the year and the last one ever led by Ben Bernanke before Janet Yellen takes over as chair. The question on everyone's minds is: Will the central bank continue tapering its massive stimulus program? Read more… ]
January 27, 2014
The move by Germany's Bundesbank to repatriate its gold from vaults located overseas in New York and Paris has been back in the news, with important implications for bullion investors. Read more… ]
January 27, 2014
Gold soared as high as $1,272 on Friday as its two-day hot streak continued and stocks stumbled even more steeply. The yellow metal's performance marked a two-month high and its fifth straight weekly gain. Read more… ]
January 24, 2014
"China has overtaken India as the world's largest gold consumer thanks to soaring purchases of jewelry, minted Panda coins and small gold bars," London's Financial Times reported, citing the latest update to the influential Thomson Reuters GFMS gold survey. "Chinese demand reached 1,189.8 tons last year, a 32% year-on-year jump and a fivefold increase since 2003." Read more… ]
January 24, 2014
In a recent interview with The Gold Report, Laurentian Bank Securities mining analyst Eric Lemieux explained his $1,400 gold forecast for this year. Read more… ]
January 24, 2014
Although the rebound in gold bullion prices and the concurrent stock correction have grabbed this week's headlines, action remains bullish in the rare coin world: Read more… ]
January 24, 2014
In its biggest one-day rally in three months, gold galloped through the $1,260 level -- and more -- in a 2% surge Thursday, fueled by growing speculation that India could ease its draconian import duties on the yellow metal. That's huge news because those restrictions are largely to blame for gold's steep losses in 2013. Read more… ]
January 23, 2014
Gold's momentum slowed Wednesday, with the price losing 0.2% and settling near $1,240, as the market braces for next week's Federal Reserve meeting in the wake of a recent Wall Street Journal report suggesting that more stimulus tapering is coming. Silver, meanwhile, rose 0.1% to $19.86. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
They aren't sexy, but two new gold price forecasts suggest that the yellow metal should gold up relatively well this year -- and certainly won't see a repeat of 2013's carnage. Bottom line: The bottom seems to be in for gold. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
Gold isn't just for China and India anymore. Bloomberg reports that gold sales in Japan are surging. Why? Because the money printing by its central bank dwarfs anything that the U.S. Federal Reserve has been doing with its quantitative-easing programs. And while official rates of inflation haven't risen much in the U.S. -- despite a new report that the prices of cattle and milk are now at all-time highs -- it's moving up considerably in Japan. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
"I'm extremely bullish for the gold price in 2014," Longwave Group founder Ian Gordon tells The Gold Report in a new interview published Jan. 20. Gordon is a technical analyst who specializes in the study of long-term trading cycles and patterns, particularly the theories of Nikolai Kondratiev. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
Outflows from gold exchange-traded funds -- one of the biggest factors in bullion's price declines in 2013 -- recently saw some positive reversals. Silver ETFs, which haven't been as vulnerable because of the white metal's broad industrial applications, also are showing strength. According to Barron's: Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
Gold so far this year -- and indeed since its stiff correction back in June 2013 -- has been holding the line above $1,200 an ounce. That number is significant because it's about the amount that many miners have to expend to produce an ounce of gold. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
Fireworks in gold prices usually accompany traditional fireworks when China and other Asian nations celebrate the annual Lunar New Year holiday, which occurs this Jan. 31. However, China could see a different kind of explosion on that day, some analysts are warning. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
Don't look now, but the U.S. is once again closing in on its debt ceiling. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned lawmakers Wednesday that Congress will have to raise the debt limit by late February to avoid a potential default -- which would be catastrophic for the U.S. credit rating and the dollar. Read more… ]
January 22, 2014
In a holiday-shortened trading day in the U.S., gold held steady after hitting six-week highs just under $1,260, buoyed by a sense of increasing confidence in the yellow metal's prospects for 2014. Read more… ]
January 20, 2014

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